Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, what could be better? Tenyson was fianally old enough to have the time of his life he loved the Jet ski's so much he could start them, drive them and park them all by himself . His sence of direction was amazing. I was trying to have a lay out time but of course Tenyson wasen't having any of that!

Taylor made a fish pond for all the fish they caught. They had to let them go so we could go home. He spent about 6 hours a day fishing, he caught a lot and lost a record number of hooks!

We went on a hike and found these cool holes in the walls. Perfect for two little boys.

The view for the back of our boat. What could be better?

The crew except for mom, someone had to take the picture we hiked to the hole in the rock. it was really cool.

Here is Taryn playing on the rocks.

Tylor searching for catfish. He caught some lunkers on this trip.