Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter fun?

Tenyson so ready for sledding he actually walked aroung all day in this he is sooo cute. He wants to be just like his daddy.

The Homies what crazy boys. the deffinently taught him young. it is puzzeling at to who taught them. My crazy boys.

He was so excited to get mickey mouse I had no idea he knew his name but the first thing he said was oh MICKEY MOUSE! it was soo cute.

and then decided all of them were his. very typical. At least of my kids. He didn't get we were going but he was still very excited.

Taryn was so cute she has been carrying her minnie all over. she was very upset when we couldn't take her on the plane. but some things just cant make it.

Tylor loves his pluto. his personality just matches so well. he was out of his head excited.

Pluto and Taylor what a match.

Here we are waiting at the airport. our plane was 2 hours late but the kids were great. which was nice.

We were on a smaller plane flying into long beach so here is us walking up the stairs.

He was sooooo excited I couldn't believe it. it was so fun he understood he was going to fly like BUZZ or just fall in style:)

Our partners. Taryn was nervous. but was ok once we got in the air. the boys had no problem

Tenyson knows everything about the I- phone. daddy's in trouble. it was his favorite thing. well atleast in down time.

The classic Disney Picture.

What a crew!!!

Tylor is such a cute boy. classic picture!

Check out Tylor's face. NICE

How beautiful Cinderellas castle is at christmas with all the lights on. It was amazing.

Our hefalumps and woozels obby dobby bobble.

Cuti Kids disney at christmas was the best christmas ever.

Hi 5 Pluto

Stitch was awosome. He spent so much time with us.

Cute kids!


Del Lofis [group leader] said...

u went to disnyeland AND hollywood?
i live in asia and furthest ive been is new york =(
wish i could have spent time with you botts = )

Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time